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❤️1000+ Chemistry Short Tricks for Neet & Jee - 7tricks

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For some students Chemistry is the toughest subject in the preparation for their competitive exam, so we are sharing some tricks to solve chemistry questions quickly.
We are hiring to give you the special content that makes you unique from other students! 
Anyone inquisitive about JEE has to get chemistry knowledge as quickly as possible. Unless you've got enough information on the subject, you'll now no longer be capable of qualify for some other demanding situations without difficulty as chemistry.
Here are the Chapter-wise tricks and shortcut concepts to solve questions of competitive exams in seconds! By these, you need not learn those irritating formulas just learn the tricks and solve questions in 10 seconds! It's amazing! Now it's time to boost your RANK with these special tricks!
Candidates started out to redouble their efforts to make their education extra effective. For the JEE Main prep to be prepared and productive, applicants want to consciousness and recognise what to analyze and the way to use the education substances correctly. The JEE & NEET essential examination is one of the first-class assessments in India. Compared with different kingdom assessments, the language degree is pretty high.


Some Topics of Tricks in PDF -

➤ Atomic Structure Short Tricks
➤ Organic Chemistry Short tricks
➤ s-block short trick
➤ p-block short trick
➤ d-block short trick
➤ f-block short trick
➤ State of matter short tricks
➤ Thermodynamics short tricks
➤ Equilibrium short trick
➤ Solid-state short trick
➤ Redox Reaction short trick
➤ Environmental Chemistry mnemonics
➤ Co-ordination Compound tricks
➤ Physical chemistry short tricks

Some Snapshots of tricks:- 

Trick to find Bond order & Bond length 
Hybridization Trick 
Reactivity series 
Bases & acids Tricks
Water Soluble & Fat-soluble Vitamins
Hydrogen Spectrum trick
Actinides trick
Essential & Non - Essential Amino Acids
and so on.....

To Download Chemistry Tricks PDF:-

Here is the button for download the pdf it is saved in Google Drive so after opening download the pdf from a button on the top right corner. To download click - 

    Download Now

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