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ALL NAME REACTIONS Organic Chemistry PDF for Jee Neet Class 11th 12th - Defence wallah

Here is the PDF of ALL Named Reactions that are in the syllabus of JEE and NEET.

All name reactions organic chemistry

Here you will get the following:-

  • All Named Reactions of NCERT Class 12th PDF.
  • All Named Reactions of NCERT Class 11th PDF.
  • Named Reaction One-Shot Revision Notes for JEE Mains.
  • NEET All important Organic chemistry named reactions.
NCERT is incredibly vital and useful for  Chemistry in examinations like NEET and JEE. once a year various queries are asked from it. typically direct questions that are mentioned in NCERT seem NEET examination. you must make sure that no one topic is left unstudied in NCERT in chemistry and additional in organic chemistry. The name reaction question is sometimes repeated and is simple to urge marks in them. Here I'm listing a number of the important named reactions-
  1. Gattermann Reaction 
  2. Finkelstein Reaction  
  3. Wurtz Reaction 
  4. Wurtz-Fittig Reaction 
  5. Fitting Reaction 
  6. Riemer Tiemann Reaction 
  7. Kolbe's reaction 
  8. Rosemund Reaction 
  9. Clemmensen reaction 
  10. Sandmeyer Reaction 
  11. Wolf-Kishner reaction 
  12. Cannizaro's reaction 
  13. Hell Volhard Zelinsky reaction 
  14. Gabriel Phthalimide synthesis reaction 
  15. Balz-Schiemann Reaction
  16. Hoffman Bromamide Degradation reaction 
  17. Gattermann Koch reaction 
  18. Swarts Reaction
  19. Stephen Reaction
  20. Etard Reaction
  21. Aldol Condensation
  22. Cannizaro Reaction
  23. Coupling Reaction
  24. Hundsdieker  Reaction
  25. Darzen Reaction  
  26. More Tricks On:-
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