Group Planning Exercise (GPE) In SSB - Team Defence Wallah

Group Planning Exercise (GPE)

The Conduct 

This is the second activity in the GTO test series. In this, candidates are given some problems on a
model and asked to firstly write down their individual solutions on a sheet of paper and then discuss among themselves to evolve a common group plan. Thus, in this task, unlike GD, the group is expected to arrive at a definite conclusion which is the common group plan. This task is conducted in five stages as explained below:-
(a) In stage one, the GTO will explain to the candidates a model made on a wooden plank. At
the end of his explanation, the candidates are permitted to clarify doubts if any about the model.
(b) In stage two, the GTO will read a story from a card. Pay careful attention to the story. Do not
write or try to correlate with the model as you may miss out on the story.
(c) After the GTO finishes reading the story, he will allow you five minutes to read the story
from the story cards which will be placed on your chairs and correlate with the model. Make a mental picture of all the features and salient points given in the story because after five minutes the story cards will be taken back. You are not permitted to write/note down any points at this stage.
(d) In stage three, the candidates are asked to write their individual solutions to the various
problems on a sheet of paper. Time allowed for the written work is 10 minutes. After 10
minutes, the written work is taken back.
(e) In stage four, the candidates are asked to discuss among themselves to evolve a common
plan/solution for the problems.
(f) In stage five, the GTO will ask the group to nominate any one person to explain the agreed
common plan of the group to him.
Example of a GPE model and a narrative is given below:-

Explanation of Model 

The thick line ( ) depicts a metal road similar to national or state line way. Double dotted line (= =) depicts an unmetalled road which is motorable or on which a car or a jeep can move. Single dotted line (- - -) depicts a footpath, and (~~) depicts a water body. Railway track is depicted as ( ).


You are a group of students coming from Ramkot and going to Mohan Nagar to attend the marriage of your friend’s sister, being solemnized at 5 pm. You are required to return back to your college at Ramkot by 7 pm to participate in an inter-college cultural competition. On the way to Mohan Nagar your van developed some minor problem and hence you were waiting in the tea stall. You suddenly saw that a jeep took a sharp turn towards Palm Grove and disappeared. After a minute an old man on a scooter approached the tea stall and said that he is a PWD engineer and that some miscreants forcefully took away the keys to open up the dam gates. They planned to open the gates at 6 pm when it will be dark. If they do that several people in the nearby villages will get washed away. After saying this, he fell unconscious. Just when you were thinking what to do, your driver reported that it will take another 30 minutes to get the van repaired. Just about then a young man came in his tractor with his pregnant wife and said that she is in severe labour pain and needs to be taken to the hospital or else she may have a miscarriage. As you were getting ready to tackle the new situation, an old lady approached you asking for help to recover her cattle which has strayed into the palm grove and has a risk of being taken away by the people of Paharpur and that these cattle are her only source of livelihood. The time now is 3.30 pm. Placed is such a situation what will you do?

Points to Note 

There will always be four problems given in the GPE. One will be of a serious nature like a man is bleeding profusely and is unconscious or a person has suffered severe burns or a person has fallen from a running train and is unconscious. Such problems must be assigned first priority. There will be problems in which a large number of people will be in danger or some government property will bedestroyed if no action is taken quickly. Such problems must be given second priority. There will be a problem involving an individual, like a girl is abducted and will be killed if ransom amount is not paid in time, or a boy is kidnapped etc. Such problems must be assigned third priority. Normally, there will be sufficient time available to solve this problem. There will also be a very silly problem given like a gold chain is lost or cows have strayed into the jungle etc. This must be given last priority as they are of less consequence. However, do not ignore this problem or suggest that this can be left out. The GTO will tell you to assume that there is no mobile connectivity. Hence, do not go on to solve all the problems by using mobile phone to inform the concerned people/department/office,etc. You are expected to get involved yourself in tackling the problems, though there is no harm in taking help of police, fire brigade etc.

What is seen through this activity?

1. The most predominant qualities that emerge from the written solution are:
(a) Your ability to grasp the essentials of the given situation
(b) Are you logical in your approach?
(c) Do you keep in mind the aim or get swayed by the situation
(d) Are you logical in prioritizing the problems?
(e) Have you been able to identify the various resources available in the situation?
(f) Have you been able to make reasonable assumptions based on your imagination?
(g) Have you made correct use of the resources in tackling the situation?
(h) Have you made estimation of the time and distance?
(i) Your written power of expression
2. The most predominant qualities that emerge from the discussion are:
(a) Ability to reason your views with logic
(b) Power of expression
(c) The way you interact with others. Are you receptive to other’s views or not?
(d) Whether you cooperate and give chance to others also or tend to be selfish and disruptive.
(e) Do you take the initiative and lead the discussion or speak once in a while
(f) Do you have the confidence to face the group and put across your point or you need support?

 (g) Do you give up when countered by others or bounce back with even better points/logic?
(h) Are you able to influence the group with your logic?

How to Approach GPE?

Keep the following points in mind.
Written solution
(a) First identify the problems and list them in the order of priority in which you would tackle
(b) Identify the various resources that are obvious in the model/story and also the ones that are
hidden or can be imagined. For example if a metal (pakka) road is given in the model, it is
reasonable to assume that there will be some vehicles moving and hence you must identify
vehicles on the road as part of your resources.
(c) Write your solution for each problem in the order of priority. While writing the solution also
make rough calculations about the distances based on the scale of the model and the time
that it may take to reach the place depending on the vehicle/mode that is being used. This
way your solution should be practically possible.
(d) After writing the solutions for all the four problems, do mention that you will all gather at a
point (identify the appropriate point in the model) and proceed with the activity for which
you had initially come (aim). Do not forget the aim and make sure you achieve that too. An
illustration of a GPE is provided at the end of this chapter for practice and better

Discussion stage

(a) Be prepared for a heated discussion as this is the competition stage of group development
and all candidates will try to dominate the discussion.
(b) Try and initiate the discussion. If you could not start, at least enter the discussion early. Try
and suggest to the group to follow some order.
(c) Do not repeat other’s points or your own points. Add new points and take the plan forward.
(d) Do not try to generalize by saying all the problems are equally important.
(e) Be nice to others in the group. You may disagree with others but be polite and humble and
avoid being insensitive and rude.

(f) Cooperate with others and offer chance to the ones who have not been able to speak much.
(g) Do not get discouraged if others oppose your views. Try and convince them with reasoning
and logic.
(h) If you feel your point is not valid, there is no harm in accepting and falling in line with the
(i) Keep a smiling disposition and do not look unduly worried or tense.
(j) Do not get excited and tend to get up from your chair.
(k) Do not use your arms too much to bodily impose yourself on others.
(l) Do not keep looking at the GTO.
An additional GPE is given below for practice.


You are a group of students coming from Sitapur and going to Shital Nagar to attend the farewell
function of your seniors, being held at 5 pm. You are required to return back to your college at Sitapur
by 8 pm to participate in the practice session of an inter-college cultural competition. On the way to
Shital Nagar you decided to have a cup of tea and hence stopped at the tea stall. Your driver took the
opportunity to replace one of the rear wheels as he suspects it to be having a puncture. You suddenly
saw that the kerosene stove in the tea stall exploded and the cook got serious burn injuries and fell
unconscious. Just when you were reacting to the situation, an old man approached to tell you that
some miscreants are planning to disrupt the political rally to be addressed by the local MLA in
Songaon at 4 pm which may result in bloodshed and that the same needs to be prevented. As you
discuss the plan to tackle the new situation, an old lady approaches you for help in getting her cattle
removed from the nearby pond or else they may drown and they are her only source of livelihood.

Just when you were thinking of what to do, a boy approaches you for help as some dacoits are
planning to loot their village Belapur at 3.30 pm and he needs to alert the police urgently but the
telephone lines are not working due to thunder showers the previous night. The time now is 2 pm.
Placed in such circumstances, what will you do?

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