Economics Notes For NDA Download - Defence Wallah

Economics Notes for NDA - Defence Wallah

Here you get the best Notes of Economics which are very beneficial and vital for competitive exams like NDA and JEE. These notes are crafted from India's best institutes. Making notes from this could assist you in making your concepts strong and obtain good marks in exams.

About these notes:

  • These are intensive & comprehensive notes of economics.
  • These are made intensively with keeping proper information of the syllabus.
  • These notes are strongly advisable by academics and academic consultants for the preparation of competitive exams
  • Notes for competitive exams and boards are given different as there is a level difference between boards and NDA & JEE.
  • These are clear and properly visible, so you can print out these also.
  • Examples of important topics are mentioned and also there are solved examples with solutions.
  • At the end of chapters, MCQs with exercise are given so that you can practice questions also.
  • Chapters of Economics:
    1. Basics of economy and overview of Indian Economy
    2. National Income
    3. Planning and NITI Aayog
    4. LPG Reforms
    5. RBI and Monetory Policy
    6. Monetary Policy and Banking sector
    7. Budget of the GOI
    8. Budget and Taxation
    9. Inflation
    10. Poverty and Unemployment
    11. Balance of Payment
    12. Trade and WTO         

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