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Trick to Learn Noble Gas in Periodic Table Chemistry | 7tricks

Noble Gas :

These are the 18th group(VIII) elements that are gases. These are named Noble gases because they don't react with any elements. These are also name as Inert Gases.

[Helium Neon Argon Krypton Xenon Radon Oganesson] 

Trick to Learn Noble Gas

TRICK 1  :- 

Heena Neena Aur Karina Xe Roj Overacting sikho!

हीना नीना और करीना से रोज ओवरएक्टिंग सीखो


Helium (He)     -       Heena

Neon (Ne)        -      Neena

Argon (Ar)       -         Aur

Krypton(Kr)     -       Karina

Xenon (Xe)      -         Xe

Radon (Rn)      -        Roj

Oganesson(Og)  - Overacting sikho!

TRICK 2  :- 


Hardik  Ne Aur Kaptan Xero Run Bonaye

[He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, Rn, Og]


TRICK 3  :-

 He Never Arrived; Kara Xero Run pe Out.


You can learn anyone you like an find easy.

Hope these tricks may help you in learning the series of noble Gas.


About Noble Gas:

Noble gas are most stable in elements in periodic table because  their octate is complete and by octate rule those elements which have complete octate are stable. 

The Noble Gases are colorless.

The valance shell of these is fulfilled.

These gases are tasteless (Note:- We didn't taste it, it's fact!😂)

The abundances of the noble gases lower as their atomic numbers increase. Helium is the maximum ample detail withinside the universe except hydrogen.

The general electronic configuration of the noble gases can be written as ‘ns2np6’.

Therefore, the outermost valence shells of the noble gases may be taken into consideration as ‘full’. This is the motive in the back of the chemically inert nature of the organization 18 elements.


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