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Unacademy Plus Subscription FREE Hack 2021 - 7tricks

Unacademy Plus Account Free

Here is the 100% real and easy method to get Unacdemy Plus Subscription Account in Free. 

We will tell you the step-by-step process to get it. The account can be of any class you desire (like IIT JEE, Neet, UPSC, Banking, Boards, class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th or other exams). It is a giveaway and applicable only for 2021. To know 'How to get Unacademy Plus Account for FREE in 2021' Read this page carefully. We explained every step in this post. 

NOTE :- It is a Giveaway in the telegram app, only for those who can't afford this due to the high price. And this is not a hack Here is the list of winners and registered users in previous months:-

Month Registered User Winner
April    147    13
May    567    74
June   1,233   126
July   1,654

Now we go toward the trick to getting an Unacademy Plus account in Free:-

 Step1   :-  Download the Telegram app from the play store. Because we conduct Giveaway in Telegram App in our channel.


 Step2   :-  Open the telegram app and then click on this:-Join This Group:-  [Note:- First read complete then click!] When you click on that you will reach a page where 10 telegram channel links are given! Join all the channels one by one! 

 Step3   :- When you joined all the channels then Click here:- 'Unacademy Giveaway bot' [Note:- First read complete then click!] When you click on that you will reach a bot on the telegram app. Click Start and then click 'Joined'. It will look like this - 

Unacademy plus free telegram bot

[Note:- After clicking joined it will show like this - 

๐Ÿ Most welcome to our Program #TIME_is_MONEY ๐ŸWe respect 'Your Time'๐Ÿ’ And you will get money๐Ÿ’ฐ by simple work! Join all these Channels If You Want To Start The Bot And Earn From It: ➤ @english_trick1 ➤ @freelancer_studygram ➤@theiitjee  ➤ @tricks_neet_jee If you Joined! Click ✅Joined.                     

Note:- Click Joined! If you left the channel then your balance deduct by -1If you do not join all the channels told in step 1 then this bot will disqualify you and you will not be able to participate in this giveaway forever, so first join all the channels and then start the bot!] 


 Step4  :- After clicking joined click on Unacademy Plus Giveaway.

Unacademy plus free telegram bot


 Step5  :- After that, it will show a link to you that will redirect to a Giveaway bot. Just start the bot! Hurrah! You registered successfully for the giveaway! 


 Step6  :- Now you can see here many options by which you can earn points. Like you can earn points by referring your friends just click on 'Refer & Earn' then share that link with your friends. As many times you share that link to your friend 10  Points increase in your account per referral.

Unacademy plus free telegram bot


Note:- If you have done7,000 Coins you will get a Unacademy Plus account. The winner gets a login id and password for free with a plus subscription (2021 - 2022). Also on 3000 coins, you get telegram channel for Unacademy plus videos for free.



Unacademy Plus Subscription FREE Hack:-

  1. Download Unacademy App from the play store.
  2. Enter your class or stream for which you want PLUS.
  3. Now, it is time to register in Giveaway.
  4. Join these Telegram channels.  
  5. You have registered successfully & eligible.
  6. Start Giveaway bot by Click Here.
  7. Earn coin by referral or daily bonus in bot.
  8. Click on withdraw and fill information.
  9. Wait for the response from the bot.
  10. Hurrah! You won the Unacademy account. Enjoy!



Que. How to Get More Coins in this bot?

Ans.  Many of the students ask that they have difficulties in collecting coins also when they shared their referral link to an unknown person their id limited for some days. 

So, here are some extra tips and tricks to get more coins in this bot so that you can get Unacademy Plus to account fast. For getting more points follow this-

1) Earn coin by joining the Telegram channel:- You can get coin by just joining the channel. You just click on the 'Earn More' option then click the first option of join telegram channel as seen in this pictures - 

Unacademy Plus FREE Subscription Hack


Unacademy Plus FREE Subscription Hack

After it will show like -

Click on the joining link and then the bot automatically check your name and 50 coins will credit to your account.

2) Earn coin by visiting sites:- You can earn coin by visiting sites also, means when you click on '/earn2' in that bot, bot give you some link to website, you just click on the website link and visit and wait for 20 seconds, when done your account will credit by some coin.

3) Following us on Social Media:- You can get coins by following us on different social media as-

Subscribe to Youtube channel:- Click Here

Follow on Instagram:- Click Here

Follow on Google News:- Click Here

Follow on Medium:- Click Here

4) The ULTIMATE way to get coins:- Still, if you want more coins Just click on 'Simple work to earn'.

After clicking, it will you a list in which you can choose any work to do and earn coins. Then you click on '/2'. Then it will show you the process that how can you earn coins by just writing a books review. That process is - 

Earn by writing a book review:-
Task:- You have to write a post about a book (You can choose any book or we will tell you about the book name) and you write about the book including About the Author, Book Content, Metadata of book, language, review of the book and any other information. The post must contain 500+ words. After you submit your post, our team will perform some checks on your post. If your post passes our tests then we will add points to your balance which you can withdraw later. Points will be given by our team on the basis of the number of words, grammar, spelling and other necessary details. So try to minimize errors. Keep in mind that the post should be unique, Copying from the Internet is not allowed, Our bot will check it and if we found you guilty then you get no or very little coins for it. You can also invent other details to get some extra points. As good as you write about that book more money you make from it. If you write 30+ books review like this then we will promote you and you will be able to make more money from writing. If you write content like these of 50+ books then we will promote you and make our business associate and your monthly payment will be fixed.
To start this program and earn money from it send hello to @Books_review_writing_bot Any queries related to this contact us via

Now Watch this video:-


So, These are some methods to get more coins in this bot. Hope you liked it! And also best of luck win Unacademy plus account via this bot! 

If you want more Tricks like this Visit this site --->

>>>>> www.7tricks.xyz <<<<<

 If you want to contact us email us at 7tricksxyz@gmail.com

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